hey there,
I'm Natasha

My main goal is to create, create, create!
I am wildly passionate about documenting the raw, the real, and the beauty. I'm a strong believer in bringing forth new skills with every new project, and am constantly learning how to improve my work year after year. After graduating from Ryerson University's Journalism program, (with a communications minor), I worked my way through social media and event gigs until landing a video editor and producer position at The Canadian Press. I vlogged my way through Thailand in 2018 and felt a pull towards travelling and documenting my experiences. In 2020, I started a wedding company: The Big Day, which has now grown to document hundreds of clients around the world! The best is yet to come and I love challenging myself with new projects and new faces. Send me a quick hello at hermannnatasha@gmail.com
                                                                       - Natasha
Cinematographer, Video Editor, Photographer & Journalist
hermannnatasha@gmail.comPartial Clientele List
Breakfast Television | BlogTO | Big Red Oak | Blush Events TO | Canadian Press | DesignTO | Distillery Restaurants | Door Dash | Fülhaus | House of Anesi | Influicity | Lash Vision Media | Permanent Vacation | Sullivan Entertainment | SPCA | The Big Day | The Mackenzie Institute | Toronto Fashion Week | Toronto Professional Women Meetup | Tristan Barrocks
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