My name is Natasha Hermann and I am wildly passionate about documenting the raw, the real, and the beauty in every day life. After graduating from Ryerson University's Journalism program, with a minor in communications, I quickly fell into the news cycle as a video editor with The Canadian Press, but then switched gears completely by creating social media content for Rogers Radio brands like KiSS and CHFI. In 2020, I started a wedding company: The Big Day, which has now grown to document love stories of hundreds of clients around the world. My work has evolved through many different platforms and environments, but the same theme is clear: I want to engage with people and create art; through photography, videography and editing. Whether that be influencers on social media, chasing stories through documentary features or capturing my own travel experiences.

 The best is yet to come and I love challenging myself with new projects and environments.
Send me a quick hello at or send me a message below.
Talk soon!
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