Rent Crisis Sizzle (2020)
Director: Eric Smith
Cinematographer: Adam Lawson
Editor: Natasha Hermann
Unaccounted For (2018)
Toronto's Gay Village, once praised as a safe haven for many, is now tainted with tragedy after a wave of disappearances sparked suspicion and fear within the community.  Kate Skelly sat down with members of the community to explore what went wrong with the police investigation into alleged serial killer, Bruce McArthur. "Unaccounted For" is a documentary revealing deeper cracks in the relationship between Toronto's LGBTQ community and Toronto Police Services.  

Reporter: Kate Skelly 
Producer: Imani Walker 
Researcher: Brenda Molina-Navidad 
Cinematography: Natasha Hermann 
Editing: Erika Leigh 
Audio: Lindsay Christopher 

Ross and Don McLean Memorial Award for most outstanding feature documentary 2018 
To be featured in Toronto Vanguard film festival January 2019

Bike Chain (2018)
There are thousands of cyclists who enter and exit the city of Toronto daily. It's an inexpensive way of commuting across the city. Although, when your bike breaks down, most shops will charge you a fortune for parts. This is where Bike Chain fits in. A DIY shop that's valued towards the average cyclist. See why cyclists learn to fix their own bikes with the help of volunteers from Bike Chain.
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